Exhibition results of FIFé GIC. & TICA CH. CozyCoon Phaethon

FIF's results

MCO grp. VII class 12
Result Date Location Judge
EX1, BIV may 2004 Hoerby, DK J. Rudolph
MCO grp. VII class 11
Results Date Location Judge
EX1, BIV august 2004 Wismar, D J.E. Madsen
EX1 august 2004 Wismar, D F. Calmes
EX2 august 2004 Frederikssund, DK U. Wahl
EX1, NOM september 2004 Kristianstad, S D. Kaae
EX1, NOM october 2004 Ljungbyhed, S F. Kapra
EX1, BIV-T, NOM october 2004 Ljungbyhed, S L. Burani
EX1, BIV, NOM november 2004 Jyllinge, DK K. Mahelkova
EX1 november 2004 Vissenbjerg, DK A. Sjødin
MCO grp. VII class 9
Result Date Location Judge
CAC, BIV-A, NOM february 2005 Kalundborg, DK K. Wahlberg
CAC march 2005 Malmoe, S J. Zuurveld
CAC march 2005 Malmoe, S F. Calmes
MCO grp. VII class 7
Result Date Location Judge
CACIB, BIV-A march 2005 Randers, DK A. Kampf
CACIB april 2005 Goeteborg, S E. Porat
CACIB, NOM april 2005 Goeteborg, S E. Andersson
MCO grp. VII class 5
Result Date Location Judge
CAGCIB september 2005 Nyborg, DK J. Kytlerová
CAGCIB, BIV-T september 2005 Nykoebing, F (DK) M. Olson-Johansson
CAGCIB, BIV-T october 2005 Norrköping, S H. Jensen (S)
CAGCIB, BIV-T october 2005 Norrköping, S A. Persson
CAGCIB, BIV-A, NOM november 2005 Bünde, D C. Spijker
CAGCIB, BIV-T november 2005 Bünde, D H. Reiter
MCO grp.VII class 3
Result Date Location Judge
CACE, BIV january 2006 Koege, DK J.E. Madsen
CACE, BIV, NOM february 2006 Haslev, DK U. Wahl
CACE, NOM march 2006 Ljungbyhed, S F. Calmes
CACE march 2006 Ljungbyhed, S A. Romero
CACE, NOM may 2007 Tune, DK Aa. Nissen
CACE, BIV, NOM september 2007 Nykoebing, DK J. Rudolph


TICA results

Show Ring qty. Date Location Result
TICA Annual Award Show 12 Ring show 02+03/09-2006 Hannover, Germany 12 x Best of Color

4 x Best of Division

4 x 2nd Best of Division

3 x 3rd Best of Division

1x 3rd Best of Breed

1 x Final: 8th Best LH (Best MC)




TICA Award of Excellence

Best Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon 2007









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