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Linda & Ronny Sterup
DK-2670 Greve
Tel: + 45 36 75 02 08






Currently we have nine Maine Coon cats, three males and six females, some of them are neutered. we became interested in the Maine Coon by recomendation, and like most Maine Coon owners, we lost our heart to this magnificent animal, because of its impressive looks, size, mild nature and the companion it becomes to its owner to whom it grows very attached.

Originally we were looking for a brown classic tabby, but once we met our Cozy Farm Elliot, we knew it had to be him, he?s got the most beautiful red silver coat, excellent in colour and quality. Elliot has proved to produce kittens with very heavy bonestructure and long bodies, qualities lacking in several breeding lines of the present Maine Coon cat.



The new generation

Sex: Male 

Born: 03/02-2004

Color: Blue Silver mc tabby

Sire: EC Cozy Farm Elliot

Dam: IC Sebasco's Juno Moon of CozyCoon





Sex: Female 

Born: 26/04-2001

Color: MCO f23, Black torbie m.tabby

Sire: WW98/00/01 EC Guldfakse?s Chief Two Moons

Dam: Sebasco?s Zita Princess




Sex: Female

Born: 03/08-2004

Color: MCO f, Black Torbie

Sire: EC Chamberlain's Master of Orion

Dam: IC Belushi's Ashanti

Breeder: Anne Sarpo


Pedigree Gallery Results



Sex: female 

Born: 30/12-2005 

Color: MCO n22, Black blotched tabby 

Sire: IC The Dorsai Aragorn Isildur of Abesh 

Dam: Morningsun Blue Dakota of Abesh

Breeder: Nancy Nuyts 





Sex: female 

Born: 09/11-2004 

Color: MCO f22, Black torbie blotched tabby 

Sire: IC SSL Chief Tomahawk 

Dam: Sebacos's Zita Princess 

Cartier Tank replica


The old generation

Sex: Male

Born: 19/12-1996

Color: MCO ds 22, Red silver bl. tabby

Sire: IC Tara?s Alaska Boy

Dam: EC MtKittery?s Unity

Breeder: S. & K. Christiansen



Sex: Male 

Born: 18/03-1998

Color: MCO n22, Black cl. tabby

Sire: CH. Guldfakse?s Mohawk of Wabanaki

Dam: Sarafina?s Wabanaki

Breeder: Wabanaki



Sex: Female 

Born: 14/04-1999

Color: MCO n22, Black cl.tabby

Sire: EC Sebacso?s Santana

Dam: Guldfakse?s Cascia

Breeder: S. Larsen



Sex: Female 

Born: 26/07-2000

Color: MCO fs22, Black torbie silver cl.tabby

Sire: EC Cozy Farm Elliot

Dam: Sebasco?s Zita Princess











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