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History, origin and describtion of the Maine Coon cat


History and origin:

The Maine Coon originates from the northern United States, living as a wild animal. There are several myths about this large cat, probably the largest breeding cat in the world. Stories like it being a cross between a raccoon and an ordinary cat, thereby coon, quite an imaginary story, but biologically impossible. Another story tells that they?re the result of the import of longhaired french cats, belonging to Marie Antoniette of france, delivered to the states while she was planning to escape the revolution, living among the local cats ending out with the result we know today. No matter what story is true the Maine Coon is now considered by the americans to be another of their national animals.



The Maine Coons has a clown like personality. They are very curious creatures, always into everything. They leave nothing unexplored. They are highly people oriented cats, relaxed and very easy going. Often known for their kind disposition, great intelligence and especially for good companionship, the Maine Coons is a companion for life.


The neck should be medium-long in size with a broad chest. A Maine Coons body should be muscular and long, creating a rectangular appearance. A female typically weighs between 10 to 12 pounds and the males 13 to 18 pounds, some males have been seen to exceed 24 pounds, without being excessively fat, they are rare, usually neutered, but they do exist.


The head should be slightly longer than it is wide. The muzzle should be square, the nose and the chin perpendicular to one another. A slight concave profile with high cheekbones. Large, round, expressive eyes set on a slightly oblique angle. Eye colour can be green, gold, or copper, except for white cats, their eye colour may be blue, gold or even odd-eyed. Large expressive ears wide based and moderately pointed, set high on the head https://www.top10omega.com approximately an ears length apart. Tufts and Lynx tips desirable.

Legs and Paws:

The legs should be medium in length with large, well tufted paws.


The tail of a Maine Coon should be at least as long as the body with full flowing fur

Coat and colours:

The Maine Coon is a semi-longhaired cat. The coat is shaggy, not even. Short on the shoulders, increasing gradually in length on the sides and back, shaggy on the belly and ending with a full set britches. The coat is almost maintenance free, combing weekly is all that is needed. The Maine Coons come in a wide variety of colors except for pointed colors such as the Siamese.

In case you?re interested in viewing these magnificent animals in real life, go to a catshow where you?ll find them proudly represented in great numbers.




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